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What is School Management Software India (SMS)?

A school management software India is a complete collection of computer instructions or guidelines especially designed to manage daily administrative tasks of schools. SMS permits schools to monitor all school activities digitally along with managing all the resources, information on a single software.Today, most of the schools are using SMS to increase productivity, efficiency, and saving lots of time and effort, which are involved in handling day to day administrative operations. This product likewise helps in reducing the pressure of managing tremendous data from schools.

Directly from keeping a record of students’ attendance and other information to generating smart report cards with a single click, SMS lets schools perform a large number of various tasks automatically with the power of software programs and instructions. Parents can quickly check and monitor every day to day activity and look after his or her academic needs. Also, the school management system promptly replaced the traditional method of data management systems like a pen, register, books, etc. along these lines decreasing the chance of mistakes in the process. Besides, a ton of expenditure, time is saved, letting the school staff perform more work in a lesser measure of time and that too with higher accuracy.

Techinspire school management software is the software which has been designed and developed to adjust to all the necessities of various schools.this SMS is not only save your time and money but it will also helps you to increase your workforce efficiency and productivity .Fast, security, and usability are a portion of the highlights that join school management system software.

Why Techinspire  School Management Software?

Techinspire school management software is a powerful Software that releases schools paperless and streamline the monotonous school tasks on a single software by keep all information into the one platform.Developed more than 5 years,our school management system software has been designed and developed with cloud computing and with the latest technologies such as machine learning and data analysis, which is the reason it is viewed as one of the most trusted and preferable in school management systems in the country.High speed, solid security, excellent accuracy, and a huge array of remarkable features and modules make Techinspire ERP a perfect school tmanagement software.Our expert support team is consistently there to resolve a wide range of queries and investigate every possibility to find out the best solutions in a shorter time.It is a direct result of our comprehensive product and perfect administrations that in excess of 1000 schools across the nation are associated with us today.Anything you’re looking for in a school management system, we have you secured! Simply set forth your requirements, and we will furnish you with a system that isn’t just fast however reliable as well and can assist you with sorting out a plenty of school administrative activities and tasks in a matter of seconds.

School Management Software Modules

[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2866″ title=”Online Registration System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2867″ title=”Student Information System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2868″ title=”School Fee Management”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2869″ title=”Exam & Result Management”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2871″ title=”Library Management System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2873″ title=”Staff Information Management”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2875″ title=”Staff Payroll Management”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2874″ title=”Financial Accounting System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2877″ title=”Inventory Management System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2878″ title=”Transport Management System”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2879″ title=”Student Attendance Management”][/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”image” tag=”h4″ icon_image=”2880″ title=”Staff Attendance Management”][/iconbox]

School Management Software Features:

  1. Easy User Interface (UI)
  2. Easiest and Fastest Implementation of Any ERP
  3. Personalised, role-based access:
  4. Easiest ERP to Learn and User access
  5. Dynamic Plugins-News & upcoming Events
  6. Free Demonstration
  7. Works across Platforms
  8. Live support
  9. Web Based
  10. Multi-User Functionality
  11. Customisable Modules and Plugins
  12. Data Security and Backup
  13. Cost and Energy Saving
  14. SMS and Email Integration
  15. Cloud Facilitation

School Management Portals

Principal Portal

Management Portal

Teacher Portal

Management Portal

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