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Are you Viewing the Best Institute for Android Training Course in Saharanpur? Techinspire offers Android APP Development training classes with live projects by expert trainers in Saharanpur. Our training program is designed for all Graduates, Under-Graduates (UG), working experts, as well as freelancers. We give end-to-end learning on Android Domain with special programs also for creating a winning career for everyone.

What is Android Technology?

Android is a Linux-based OS for mobile devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is also a software package. Android was developed Android and later bought by Google in 2005 and after the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Java language is specially used to write the android code, even though you can also use other languages to make an android application.

The main aim is to create a successful product that will improve users’ mobile experience using Android-based smartphones—many Android code names. Likewise, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Donut, Froyo, Eclair, and the newest Android 10.

After the foundation of Android, the plot of present-day discovery has experienced an great change. In addition, Android has been discovered for touch screen gadgets like smartphones and tablet PCs. The market study is proof that many people over the globe are focused on this specific operating framework. Therefore, It is usually the wonder of Android. Moreover, it is the most desired stage for each designer.

Why is Android Course Required?

 This application improvement is one of the primary needs considering for this Linux-based OS (operating framework).

Android is one of the fastest increasing operating frameworks and a great vocation way for java candidates. Therefore, Users can utilize it by enrolling in The Best Android Training Course in Saharanpur for various projects, flag processing, and exchanges, and investigating and estimating finance and science, photo or video processing, and control structures.

Above all, there are billions of peoples in the world. More than half of the population uses the Internet and android gadgets. So, it will be the best career option. Our Trainers will guide you to gain better applications and be useful to your job. Above all, To meet your requirements of every type of training, we’ve made Android Training Course in Saharanpur more efficient, going from trainee to more proper material.

How Are The Trainers At Techinspire?

We give official training support that is future for taken persons to learn new aptitude. And increase their skills in a short period of time from anyplace every time. Moreover, The certificate you get from our Android Training Course make you unique that may help you be a more beautiful Android developer.

The Biggest point of interest in taking classroom training is that you will get the chance to work with a specialist engineer. It would also be best to recall that application improvement is nothing; however, it is an ideal mix of science and imagination. It mainly happens that students may have an dream in them; however, they can’t give an actual shape to them.

Techinspire is the place where you will get the best trainer who will help you in the right way. The Android Course Training Centre in Saharanpur will give you the help of a specialist who will provide the correct shape to your improvement style and define the errors you will make while taking the classroom training session.

The Techinspire Android Training Course will give you all the skills you need to work with the programming and platform. This course will also allow you to develop Android apps and register them on the Google Play store to show the world your creativity. In this training, points you will also learn are the Layout Manager, Android architecture, the application life cycle, different types of styles. Moreover, menus, intents, Notifications, the SQL database, registration on the Google Play and store components, and various resources.

What will you learn in our Android course?

  • Android basic.
  • Architecture and the mobile apps markets.
  • Different components also.
  • Application life cycle resources.
  • Creating different types of Menus and Layouts.
  • Using the SQLite databases also.
  • Working with animation.
  • Content creations.
  • Data storage and Maps APIs.
  • Android Studios.
  • Also Learn Designing an interactive app.
  • How to issue the apps on the Play stores?

Nowadays, Android Training in Saharanpur has become the biggest OS platform for smartphone-supporting devices from scores, making it a truly global event. Therefore, to Become a part of this training and mastering App Development’s art can boost your confidence into a well-recognized organization. You can also highly paid and grow in your career in one of the most impressive technology platforms possible now.

Why is Android Training Certification Needed?

This Android Training Course is specifically designed for clearing Google’s Associate Android Developer Exam. The syllabus content is in line with the certification exam. That will also help you clear the any exam quickly. It will also get you the best jobs in top MNCs worldwide.

As part of the training program, you will be working on live projects. As well as with large companies in the real-world industry, that will also help you to power up your career quickly.

 You will have to give a test that will include the questions mostly asked in the certification exam in Google. Therefore, it will help you to score better for the Google exam in the future.  Techinspire Completion Certificate will be given upon completing the project. Therefore, you will get this after getting good marks on the test. Moreover, Our certification is well recognized in India.

We also have a dedicated team of highly expert trainers to identify, evaluate, implement, and provide the Best Android Training Institute in Saharanpur for our students. . Our Trainers have all the right to define an opportunity to develop the exact resolution. So they can execute the solution in mature manner.

We have the best trainers to provide Best Android Training in Saharanpur . Moreover, they are very educated and are the best in their field. The Training & Placement cell is also there to providing all available help to the students to seek job and internships in every area.

Why Choose Techinspire For Android Training in Saharanpur?

  • We Offer the Best Java Classes in Saharanpur by experts.
  • Regular as well as weekend classes.
  • We have the best Trainers with years of Experience in the Industry.
  • Trainers of Techinspire also help every student in live project training.
  • We also offer 100% Placement Assistance.
  • We also offer an internship program in every field.
  • Students can also come on weekends.
  • Special attention is given to weak students.
  • We also provide practice to our students for an interview and provide every tool to get a job.
  • Discussion Zones are also available for better results.
  • 24×7 internet facility in our lab
  • Labs are open for the student to practice their lesson any time.
  • Students will get to work on live projects.
  • Techinspire Saharanpur provides a well-Recognized Certificate with a project letter.
  • Extra classes are available to clear the doubts.
  • It also helps students to learn complex concepts.
  • We also give training programs to the faculty.

Placement Department For Android Training Course In Saharanpur

The Placement Department works beside different departments to mold the students to the needs of companies. We also got active and business Placement Cells that pride itself on robust and skilled network across various sectors. Our placement cell also do seminars in well-known colleges in Saharanpur.

It actively talk with every student and assures that they get placed with well-recognized MNCs within six months of training. Therefore, Techinspire is the Best Android Training Institute in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Techinspire Saharanpur is one of the leading IT & Technical Training Institute in Saharanpur. In addition, We got a team of the Best trainers who teaches our students to learn cloud on live projects. They also provide a Quality in Android Training Course in Saharanpur to develop and expert . We are certified partners with various MNCs ( Multi-National Companies). Moreover, give our students with certification. Therefore, we are the Best Android App Development Training Course in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Android Training Course In Saharanpur Modules

Introduction to Android In Android Training

Introduction to Android
  • Overview of Android
  • Java Editions and also comparison with Android
  • Android Apps Likewise, Design, Vendor
  • Open Handset
  • Development Machine
  • Components of Android Application In Android Training in Saharanpur.
  • In addition Service Lifecycle

Setup of Android Development Environment & Tools In Android Training

  • System Requirements
  • Java, Eclipse, and also Android SDK Installation
  • Android SDK & Tools
  • Android Virtual Devices & Device Definitions
  • Installing and also Configuring the Android Plug-in for Eclipse (ADT)
  • Upgrading the Android SDK
  • Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks 45
  • Also Learn to Running Applications in Android Training In Saharanpur.
  • Android Development Tools
  • Working with the Android
  • Using Other Android Tools.

Your Android Application

Your Android Application
  • Understanding Android application requirements
  • Android Application Design & components
  • Activation of components
  • Declaring Android components
  • Using PhotoShop for Graphic Designing
  • Android Application Wireframes (screens)
Your First Android Application
  • Creating Android Application
  • Creating Configurations
  • Testing the app for instance AVD, Active device
  • Android Project Structure

Publishing your Android application to the play store

  • Release process & Release build of Android Application
  • Signing the .apk file
  • Preparing the Store Listing page
  • Content Rating
  • Distributing the Application
  • Merchant Registration for Paid Applications


  • Creating an Android Activity
  • A user interface
  • Managing the Activity Lifecycle in Android
  • The lifecycle callbacks
  • Activities in Android
  • Views and also Layout.
  • View property
  • Frame Layout as well as Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout as well as Absolute Layouts
  • Best practice for targeting various form factors: for instance phone, TV tablet
  • Best practices when working designing Android UI

Android Testing

  • Creating a Test Project for Android project
  • Working with Test Packages
  • Writing test cases

User Interface & Advanced UI

User Interfaces
  • Creating the Activity
  • XML versus Java UI
  • Selection Widgets, Using fonts.
  • Common UI components
  • Handling UI events: a bit about listeners
Advanced UI
  • Adapters
  • Complex UI components
  • Creating Menus
    • Creating a Menu Resource in Android
    • An Android Menu Resource
    • Creating an Options Menu
    • Also Changing menu items at runtime in Android
    • Creating a Context Menu
    • Creating a Sub-menu
    • Other Menu Features in Android
    • Menu groups
    • Checkable menu items in Android
    • Shortcut keys
    • Also Learn adding menu intents in Android.
  • Creating Dialogs
    • Showing a Dialog
    • Dismissing a Dialog in Android
    • Creating an Alert Dialog in Android
    • Adding buttons
    • Adding a list
    • Creating a Progress Dialog in Android
    • Also Learn to Showing a progress bar.
  • Notification
    • As well as Learn to Create Android Toast Notifications
    • Creating Android Status Bar Notifications
    • Also Learn to create Dialogs in Android through Android Training in Saharanpur.
  • Tabbed Activities
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Animations
  • Create activity layouts.
  • Testing and optimizing UI

Android Material Design

  • What is the material?
  • Material properties
  • Styling and Animations also
  • Material Patterns


  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Creating Resources
    • Grouping various Resource Types
    • Providing Alternative Resources
    • Android Qualifier name rules
    • Also Learn to create alias resources through Android Training in Saharanpur.
    • Providing the Best Device with Resources in Android
    • Providing screen resource for Android .5
    • How Android Finds the Best-matching Resource?
  • Animation Resource.

Broadcast Receivers

  • Broadcast receiver usage pattern; when and why to use them?
  • How to Register a broadcast receiver
  • Also Learn to Register a broadcast receiver in Android Training in Saharanpur.

Background Services

  • Service IThe Basics Declaring a service in the manifest
  • Creating a Started Service
  • The Intent Service class
  • Extending the Service class
  • Starting a service also Stopping a service
  • Also Learn to create a Bound Service through our Android Training in Saharanpur.
  • Sending Notifications to the User
  • Running a Service in the Foreground
  • Managing the Lifecycle of a Service
  • The lifecycle callbacks
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Advantages for large tablets
  • Creating and also Using Fragments.
  • Service – starting a service in Android
  • Stop service in Android app.
  • Also Learn to Create a Bound Service in Android app through Android Training in Saharanpur.
  • Sending Notifications to the User in Android.
  • Also Learn to Manage the Lifecycle of a Service in Android apps through our Android Training In Saharanpur.
  • Know to Implement the lifecycle callback.

Process Cycle in Android & Intents

Process Cycle in Android
  • What are Processes?
  • Process lifecycle in Android
  • Threads
  • Android Worker threads
  • Thread-safe methods in Android
  • Inter-process Communication.
  • Working with Intents
  • Using Intents as messaging objects
  • Intents to start components expecting results

Storing and Retrieving Data

  • Storage Model selection criteria
  • Shared preferences
  • Internal Storage – Files
  • External Storage – SD Card
  • Testing the created files, tools

Native & Custom Content Providers

Native Content Providers
  • Content provider type
  • Searching for contents
  • Adding, changing, and also removing contents
  • Native Android Content Provider
  • Accessing Contact Book, Calendars
Custom Content Provider
  • Custom Content Provider class
  • Also Publishing content provider
Web Service
  • Understanding Web Service
  • Web Services Architectures
  • Building Server-side component
  • Publishing web service and
  • Also REST-based web service
  • Accessing Web Service
  • Web Services with mobile clients
  • Checking the network statuses by our Android Training In Saharanpur.
  • Checking the web service statuses in Android Training In Saharanpur.
  • Working with HTTP and also access the web service

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